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The erbB2 (also known as HER2 or neu) belongs to the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) family. ErbB2 is a receptor tyrosine kinase with intrinsic tyrosine kinase activity. The mammalian EGFR family comprises four receptors (EGFR, ErbB2, ErbB3, and ErbB4).. The erbB2 gene is amplified or overex

p21 ras protein is the most important component involved in the cell multiplication by participating in cell cycle. Due to point mutation in the gene coding p21 ras which ultimately results in the change in some nucleotide bases changing the confirmation of the protein which resulted in the produ

Ovarian cancer is the scourge of Gynaecologists and Histopathologists alike, even today. Notoriously late at first presentation and given the sheer spectrum of possible diagnoses, ovarian tumours have been the focus of intense scrutiny over the last few years. This work is the culmination of an inve

The purpose of this project was to design an algorithm for the management of Dermatofibrosarcom Protuberans (DFSP.) The National Cancer Center Network guidelines suggest immediate reconstruction in most cases after DFSP resection. We believe this algorithm is inadequate. Due to the infiltrating natu

Adherence outcomes in patients with the most severe complications of AIDS, Kaposi``s sarcoma (KS), the commonest AIDS related cancer, is unknown. This books reports on 35 patients prospectively evaluated over 12 months for adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in a clinical