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На протяжении ряда лет автор занимался исследованием научного наследия Леонардо, а также психологическим анализом личности великого представителя человечества. Результаты этих исследований опубликованы в ряде научных изданий. Эти публикации и стали основой данной книги. Книга предназначена для пси

The main aim of this text is to explore how one of the communities in Northern Ethiopia, the Irob, deals with conflict using indigenous mechanism (Sugsa System) for the management of conflict. The study attempted to investigate the root causes of conflict, types (levels) of conflict, the role of wom

It has always been a topic for debate as to how nursing students are taught to deal with death and dying and how they respond to particular methods of teaching. In my many years of experience in the nursing profession,I have come across some very difficult situations in dealing with death and dying

This Book serves as a feeling about love and romance to the young people as well as every age of the people. Here 101 Romantics Ideas telling about the way of express feelings and many more. Here also 51 Romantics Kisses tell us that how to go for kiss so that we have to get more and more pleas

Glaucoma is a disease characterized by apoptosis, ganglion cell death related at least in part to intra ocular pressure. Ganglion cell death that causes a characteristic optic nerve change namely progressive narrowing or loss of the neuro retinal rim, is the hallmark of glaucoma. Primary open angle

The existing literature has consistently demonstrated the aggregation of anxiety in families, and suggested that cognitive factors are important in the etiology and maintenance of anxiety. However, few studies have investigated the role of cognitive factors and mechanisms in the familial transmissio

This new book introduces the major guidelines for ethical and effective communication in the global society. The author proposes a communication contract with ten pragmatic ground clauses for responsible decision making and action in a world where risks need to be taken into account and dealt with p

This book focuses on how subsistent leadership is used with Sonic and Five Guys Restaurants in the Wichita, Kansas area. One discusses various theories, methodology, results and conclusions on what needs improved in order to meet the needs of the employer, employee and customer effectively. Through

Panic disorder is a severe and persistent mental disorder, associated with a high degree of subjective distress, occupational and social disability. A panic attack (PA) is the core syndrome of panic disorder and is defined as a discrete period of intense fear or discomfort accompanied by somatic and

After a detailed study and comparison of my work with other workers, It can be concluded that diagnostic efficacy of sacral index is higher than Kimura’s Base Wing Index for sex determination of sacrum, because the readings obtained by sacral index method were relevant and more significant than

This research project selected one school system from a well-developed area and another school system from a less-developed area of the People Republic of China. Because of the economic develop status; this comparison study has become more significant and meaningful. The findings/results of this stu

Cultural tolerance has generally been studied in relation to international assignees (IAs) for business organizations (Church, 1982; Gasser, 1995; Gasser & Tan, 1999). This study focuses on developing a Cultural Tolerance scale that will effectively measure the attitudes of the U.S. service members

This study was aimed at determining the effect of a dance and movement intervention on the perceived emotional well-being and self-esteem of a group of in-patient adolescents in Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital located in South Africa. A quantitative study, using a quasi-experimental design, was carr

"How charming it is that there are words and sounds. Are not words and sounds rainbows and illusive bridges between things eternally separated?" (Friedrich Nietzsche). Speech recognition is inherently multi-sensory in the sense that listeners rely on both auditory and visual cues. However, descr

The text Book of "A Guide to Biostatistics" focuses on research data analysis in clinical researches. It is designed to prepare postgraduate students to create published research in their area of interest and to design and analyze their own research projects. Topics to be covered include: identifyin

Modern life is very materialistic and competitive, that is why we human beings are suffering from numerous chronic problems and tensions. Health and illness are determined by psychosocial conditions. Psychosocial explanations of these social variations include perceived inequality ,stress, anxiety a

Pilonidal Sinus Disease is one of the most important branches of medical practice because of its complexities and which often is mired by misguiding symptoms. This ailment is often found affecting young and healthy people. Pilonidal sinus disease consists of a symptom complex with presentation

Rapid development of technology and data analysis techniques, such as data mining and machine learning, provide opportunities in the field of telemedicine. One of the difficulties of application of data mining techniques in telemedicine information systems is impossibility to select a single data mi

This books represents a self-reflexive attempt to understand schizophrenia. Paul Fearne suffers from schizophrenia, and decided to devote six years towards undertaking a study the disease. The book traverses Freud, Irigaray, Jaspers, Heidegger and Wittgenstein. It is a philosophical work that uses

The student-teacher relationship is an important component of teachers’ and students’ classroom lives. The student-teacher relationship influences students’ academic achievement, engagement in school, and peer relationships (Ray, Henson, Schottlekorb, Brown, & Muro, 2008). Positive teacher-child r