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Computed Tomography(CT)is a widely used imaging technique in medical diagnosis. It relies on collecting data about an object from multiple views representing its projections and subsequently using these data to construct an image. Among the latest advances in CT is the utilization of cone-beam geome

Здесь другие издания с похожим названием: '3D Image Reconstruction Techniques for Cone Beam Computed Tomography'

The aim of the study was to detect the accuracy of CT scan in the diagnosis of the brain glioma, and confirmation of glioma by tissue biopsy results after surgery. The data was collected, classified, and analyzed using SPSS. The study was carried out for 101 patients with brain glioma (51.5%) were m

Breast Imaging will enable you to quickly diagnose a full range of cases and to make sound clinical decisions for the treatment of each patient in your care.Features of Breast Imaging:Examples of critical can`t-miss cases that must be accurately diagnosed to avert potential disaster in daily practic

The purpose of this book is to provide a tutorial overview on the subject of computerized tomographic imaging. The book is expected to be useful for practicing engineers & scientists for gaining an understanding of what can & cannot be done with tomographic imaging. Toward this end, the author has t

Encompassing the entire spectrum of breast imaging and diagnostics, this acclaimed text provides a systematic and pragmatic guide for all clinicians involved in diagnosing breast disease. The new third edition has been fully updated to include advances in mammography, ultrasound, breast MRI, percuta

More than 10% of all women in the western world get breast cancer. High sensitivity to detect tumors with a size of 5mm and the use of non-ionising radiation are desirable to avoid the development of metastases. Ultrasound Computer Tomography (USCT) currently developed at KIT promises to be s

Lost Foam Casting is a simple and reliable casting process for producing tiny and complex metal components. The real time monitoring of the metal characteristics while replacing the foam pattern is important to minimize the related defects. Electrical Capacitance Tomography is developed to obtain im

Praise for the previous edition:Instructors will find this an ideal book for courses; the book can be read cover-to-cover during a month-long resident elective or medical student clerkship, for example. This book is highly recommended. -- American Journal of Roentgenology Essential Radiology,

Subject of this work is the hardware architecture for the X-ray Computer Tomography which is a powerful tool for the investigations of the inner structure of objects. The main aim of the work is the development of formally specified, scalable and high-performance hardware for the volume reconstructi

Interventional Radiology in Trauma Management brings together the insights and expertise of Dr. Tisnado, an interventional radiologist, and Dr. Ivatury, a trauma surgeon, to guide surgeons on how to effectively integrate both specialties into their management of trauma patients. This reference book

The first comprehensive, multi-specialty text on ultrasound guidance in interventional procedures, this book uses the authors extensive clinical experience to provide a full overview of modern interventional ultrasound. For all practitioners, whether new to the procedures or already using them, Inte

For all radiology residents and practitioners faced with mastering the huge array of image-based measurements and classifications in orthopedics, Measurements and Classifications in Musculoskeletal Radiology fills an important gap.Highly practical and accessible, it presents the measurement techniqu

MRI Essentials for the Spine Specialist is a comprehensive textbook that details the complex MRI anatomy of the spine and the spectrum of pathological findings in patients with spinal disorders. Covering basic concepts such as the physics of MRI and normal MRI anatomy of the spine as well as advance

This updated edition of The Physics of Clinical MR Taught Through Images has been thoroughly rewritten and includes key information on how to apply an understanding of physics to improve diagnostic images. It teaches a practical approach to MR physics using images and emphasizes knowledge of the fun