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In all over the world we are facing energy crises. Our consumption is increasing day by day that is conflict with our oil and gas resources. To overcome this situation we should move toward alternate and environment friendly resources just like hydrogen. Hydrogen is a green fuel mean no emissio

"Fraction Stir Welding" is written by a group of students at shoubra faculty of engineering -Arabic Republic of Egypt-.work out "Fraction Stir Welding" gives you all the essential information covered by introductory under graduate courses in Welding. the key features of this book are learning throug

In this project we have developed a parametric inversion algorithm to simultaneously determine the horizontal conductivities, vertical conductivities, bed boundary positions and dip angle from tri-axial induction logging data in anisotropic layered media. The inversion algorithm was first solved in

So far, a strong intersubband transition at 1.55-µm wavelength range was very difficult to achieve in GaN/AlN multiple quantum wells (MQWs) grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) using conventional growth method. This book first provides a general introduction to the physics of intersubba

За два последних столетия научно-технический прогресс совершил ошеломляющий рывок. На что ранее человечество затрачивало века, теперь уходят десятилетия или всего лишь годы. При таких темпах развития науки и техники сегодня удивить мир чем-то особенным очень трудно. Но в прежние времена появление но

Автор: А. Ю. Низовский,

В книге изложены хай-тек идеи на научные темы, житейские темы и темы для бизнес-проектов, а также некоторые рассказы в виде научной фантастики. Книга будет полезна научному сообществу, творческой молодёжи и некоторым бизнесменам. Книга охватывает широкий круг тем и предназначена для людей с нестанда

Автор: Алексей Кузилин,

Prediction of consolidation settlement is based on Terzaghi theory & 1D consolidation test. A laboratory test suffers from two phenomena i.e., secondary consolidation & side friction which is not taken into account in the Terzaghi theory. Previous studies revealed that the secondary consolidation ca

Two-dimensional recursive digital filters are widely used in signal processing and image processing, as well as divers communication systems. The main objective of this book has been to propose a new technique of designing 2-D recursive digital filters from an analog Bridged-T network. Starting from

Microstrip patch antennas are probably the most widely used type of antennas today due to their advantages such as light weight, low volume, low cost, compatibility with integrated circuits and easy to install on the rigid surface. Furthermore, they can be easily designed to operate in dual-band, mu

This qualitative research study explored middle school students’ perceptions of 24/7 access to an iPad. The research design included an anonymous online survey administered to 430 students, a focus group of 10 students, and four individual interviews. The research participants were in grades six thr

Modern Technology seeks to come up with innovative medical solutions for those who have unfortunately lost any of their limbs. These efforts are aimed at conjuring up any more comfort for those who endure the agony of spending a part of their lives without one of their vital parts of life. Prostheti

international journal is also publised in 2012 on the same topic.this book is related with security system which higher reliable than previous security system.in this book i have mention 3 security factor which are RFID,GSM and FACE RECOGNITION.less human resources is require in this system.this is

Within this work is the presentation of a general 3D model capable of capturing the multiaxial behavior of superelastic shape memory alloys (SMAs) under quasi-static isothermal or dynamic loading conditions. A semi-analytical framework is developed to numerically implement the model. An extended exp

Здесь другие издания с похожим названием: '3D Constitutive Modeling of Superelastic Shape Memory Alloys'

From the beginning of its construction, the Leaning Tower of Pisa had already inclined, due to the non-uniform settlement. This condition became worse due to increase in settlement without additional stress. This phenomenon is known as creep, which is defined as change of strain under constant stres

In order to understand and interpret the soil properties of the site before any design is made, a 3D view is essential. This is because it enhances visualization of geotechnical properties in three dimensions and facilitates interpretation of the underground information. The major problem in geotech

Arthur Clarke is known to have remarked “Any sufficiently advanced Technology is indistinguishable from Magic.” Technology in this modern era has advanced very quickly. New innovations have caused advanced newer emerging technologies to develop. Due to ever increasing use of technology it affects us

The bestselling book on 3D printing 3D printing is one of the coolest inventions we`ve seen in our lifetime, and now you can join the ranks of businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists who use it to do everything from printing foods and candles to replacement parts for older technologies and tons

When a given 3D city model, consisting of mainly buildings and roads, is viewed at reduced scale, its objects not only become smaller but tend to conflict due to small area available. Generalization plays an important role to overcome these effects and helps in preserving the required legibility. Va

The most complex GIS data are three dimensional terrain data in GIS applications, for a realistic representation of a terrain, the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is not suitable for direct use in on-line GIS services due to its large size and inflexibility data structure. Image compression is a key f