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Сельское хозяйство. Лесное хозяйство. Растениеводство

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One of the promising approaches to enhance salt tolerance in crop plants is the proper use of plant growth regulators. The presented work is an effort to investigate the ameliorative role of 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) in oilseed rape plants grown under salinity conditions. Chapter 1 of this monogr

Emotions can’t be adequately expressed in words. The author’s acknowledgement is more than what he has expressed here. Indeed the words at my command are not adequate to convey the depth of my feeling and gratitude to my Major Advisor Dr. M. M. Patel, Professor and Head, Principal, C.P. college of

Eucalyptus pellita is the most promising eucalypt species for both accelerating the recovery of degraded forestland and for use in commercial hardwood plantation programs, especially those designed to supply the pulp and paper industry in hot, humid tropical conditions. Moreover, early indications s

Gibberellic acid treatment gave lowest fruit weight because GA3 works at low concentration but in present study the concentration of GA3 used was higher. This high concentration of GA3 shows negative effect on fruit characteristics. The foliar sprayed treatment of KNO3 improved plant height at harve

Agriculture is the most important sector which can provide us a sustainable growth without affecting the environment. Placing seed into the soil is most proliferative action and directly affect the population, growth of crops and indirectly affects the production. The use of modern engineering techn

India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of turmeric in the world. Indian turmeric is considered to be the best in the world market because of its high curcumin content. India accounts for about 80 per cent of world turmeric production and 60 per cent of world exports. Asian countries co

All over the developing world people are being displaced for various reasons, including development projects, threats from natural disasters and nature conservation. In the past, decision making in resettlement programs were strictly "top down", with the local population having no say in shaping the

Rodents are world wide spread animal group which is closer with human beings and play an important role in ecosystems function. Biologically as well as economically they are important animal group. As a pest and a vector it is important to aware their behavior and life style. During this study,

This study was undertaken to compare biodiversity in community managed forest and national park forest of western lowland of Nepal. Vegetation were sampled by transact methods whereas auditory and visual identification was used to record the birds. Checklist of the fauna diversity was also made on t

Pulses are cheap source of vegetable protein (20-25%). Greengram occupies a prominent place by virtue of its high nutritive value short growth period and its ability to suit any cropping systems. During the process of evolution and adaptation, pulse crops acquired primitive characters like long dura

Nitrogen fertilization is among the most important Agricultural practices which control maize production. Organic manure’s are the main of nutrients and energy for the most soil microorganisms. Such substrate is responsible for dynamic adsorption of the soil fraction, the improvement of physical pro

About this book : This Manual is prepared by editing the Ph.D dissertation of Dr. M. Srinivasan, awarded on 20th April 2006. Theoretical and practical concepts discovered by this research are the key issues of all captive culture farms. Most of the techniques and assessment methods developed for

This book includes a comprehensive study on soil consolidation. In the first chapter, the pore pressure development and dissipation under conditions of one dimensional compression in the oedometer for clay prepared at its liquid limit is investigated. In the second chapter, an experimental pro

Since 1980 an increasing number of Sub Sahara African (SSA) countries had adopted stabilizatioin and structural adjustment programmes with the support of the IMF and WB. But overtime increasing concerns started to be expressed, not only with the respect to the relevance of these programmes to SSA`s

Murrels belonging to the family channidae, are commonly known as snake-heads, Four to five species of Channa are available in Odisha State and amongst them Channa gachua being this smallest in size. Hamilton designated the species as Channa gachua which was formerly known as Channa orientalis. Th

Milk production is a complex trait and is one of the most important criteria to consider in planning for dairy cattle improvement and to maximize the net return of dairy farms. Mathematical model of the lactation curve is useful in making management and breeding decisions and simulating the da

Macadamia (Macadamia spp.) is an evergreen tree of the family proteacea. The fine crunchy textured nuts, their delicate aroma and taste are considered the best nuts of the world with high trading value. The prospects and potential of the macadamia cultivation depend on the successful growth of plant

An identification handbook is very necessary to identify the benthic organisms. The present handbook is a preliminary attempt to meet this need in a small way. I tried to make it easy to identify benthic organisms with the help of this handbook. I hope it will be helpful for many researchers in whol

Sericulture is viewed as one of the promising agricultural enterprises suitable for rural development. Acquisition of knowledge, skills and experience in sericulture operations is however a prerequisite for sustainable and profitable sericulture. It is against this background that this book was comp

Botanical crops plants like pyrethrum, neem, tithonia, crotoralia, Mexican marigold are important source of organic insecticides. Their promotion would have enormous impact on a farmer’s ability to manage soil resource and pests as they are promising alternative to synthetics towards organic crop. T