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Following on from the success of his thriller, Ex Machina, Alex Garland returns to cerebral sci-fi with his adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer`s cult novel - a tale of a biologist attempting to uncover the mystery of her husband`s disappearance into a restricted zone. What she and her fellow scientists d

This collection of new essays by leading film scholarsaddresses Michelangelo Antonionias apre-eminent figure in European art cinema, explores his continuing influence and legacy, and engages with his ability to both interpret and shape ideas of modernity and modern cinema.

Discover historical insights, lesser-known facts, and incredible photography of iconic movies including Mother India, Mughal-e-Azam, Sholay, and Bajirao Mastani with this gorgeous celebration of the world`s biggest film industry. Bollywood charts the world of Hindi cinema year-by-year from the pione

Featuring the work of legendary Bond film designers such as Ken Adam, Peter Lamont, and Syd Cain,Bond by Design brings the James Bond art department`s story right up to date with behind-the-scenes artwork from the latest film, SPECTRE. With two exclusive prints and authoritative text by EON`s own ar

Сериал «Во все тяжкие» стал настоящей сенсацией в Америке и за ее пределами, заставив сначала сопереживать главному герою, а потом ненавидеть его. Эта подарочная книга — единственное официальное издание, приглашающее за кулисы самого революционного телепроекта последних лет.Это настоящий путеводител

Автор: Дэвид Томсон,

Brief Encounter (1945), adapted from Noel Coward`s play Still Life, is a classic of British cinema – a tale of impossible love between a married woman and a man she meets while waiting for a train. Though it`s a film made by men, it is the woman`s voice we hear recounting the story of a small-town l

BRITISH TRASH CINEMA is the first overview of the wilder shores of British exploitation and cult paracinema from the 1950s onwards. From obscure horror, science fiction and sexploitation, to art-house camp, Hammer`s prehistoric fantasies and the worst British films ever made, author I.Q. Hunter draw

Ignorance is not bliss. It is the alien invader`s greatest advantage. Tales of unearthly beings have long circulated among us, from legends of intelligent life on Earth before Homo Sapiens to conspiracy theories about what really happened at the Battle of Canary Wharf. But the truth is that alien li

The most successful British television drama of our time, the multi-award-winning Downton Abbey has become a national phenomenon in the U.S. as well. Created by Julian Fellowes-who received an Academy Award for his screenplay for the acclaimed Robert Altman motion picture, Gosford Park-Downton Abbey

Seventy-five years after America fell in love with the cinematic classic Gone with the Wind, LIFE revisits the making of the award-winning movie and gives readers a rare look into the film`s captivating, behind-the-scenes drama. This richly illustrated book is a must-have collector`s item for old fa

In summer 2016, a new exhibit on the work of visionary director Guillermo del Toro will begin at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, focusing on del Toro’s creative process, including the well-defined themes that he obsessively returns to in all his films, the journals in which he logs his ideas,

Explore the world inside Divergent. Filled with exclusive photos, Inside Divergent explores the meaning of each faction in Veronica Roth`s dystopian Chicago: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Erudite, and Dauntless. Meet the initiates through their candid photos and profiles: Tris, Caleb, Molly, Christina,

LIFE is where the nation first learned about THE WIZARD OF OZ and its soon-to-be starlet Judy Garland. Seventy-five years after the debut of the classic American movie, this commemorative volume, LIFE THE WIZARD OF OZ: 75 YEARS ALONG THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, includes rare and never-before-seen photo

Первая полная книга о противостоянии двух величайших корпораций индустрии комиксов! Уникальные истории о создании вселенных Marvel и DC, интересные факты, воспоминания людей, лично принимавших участие в развитии индустрии, и комментарии известных людей, среди которых Уилл Смит, Дуэйн Джонсон, Зак Сн

Автор: Таккер Рид,

"Красочный артбук расскроет историю создания популярного мультсериала "Рик и Морти".Артбук содержит концепт-арты и историю создания, первые наброски и раскадровки, персонажей, оружие, различные планеты и места действия, а также многое другое.Аналогично американской версии, наше издание артбука тоже

Автор: Джастин Ройланд,

Здесь другие издания с похожим названием: 'Rosebud. Кубрик'

For all fans of John Hughes and his hit films such as National Lampoon’s Vacation, Sixteen Candles, and Home Alone, comes Jason Diamond’s hilarious memoir of growing up obsessed with the iconic filmmaker’s movies—a preoccupation that eventually convinces Diamond he should write Hughes’ biography and

Кто был капитаном самого первого "Энтерпрайза"? В каком квадранте расположена наша планета? И что же все-таки произошло с трибблами? "STAR TREK. Полная энциклопедия" охватывает несколько веков межгалактической истории - здесь вас ждут ответы на эти и многие другие вопросы.Этот исчерпывающий путеводи

Автор: Пол Рудитис, Сэндфорд Гальден-Стоун,

Здесь другие издания с похожим названием: 'Star Trek. Полная энциклопедия'

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most influential and distinctive filmmakers at work in the world today. His films are so admired that nearly every one he makes becomes an instant cult classic. Here, Tom Shone presents in-depth commentaries on each of the nine films Tarantino has directed, from Reser

In March 2017, the producers of ‘Godzilla’ transport audiences to the birthplace of one of the most powerful monster myths of all in KONG: SKULL ISLAND, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures.When a scientific expedition to an uncharted island awakens titanic forces of nature, a mission o