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Теория и история архитектуры. Градостроительство

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Книга приглашает читателя посетить самые прекрасные и неповторимые площади и улицы мира. Вы узнаете о том, какая улица самая длинная в мире, или самая зеленая, узкая или самая широкая. Вы познакомитесь с историческими событиями и архитектурными достопримечательностями, сформировавшими нынешний облик

Автор: С. А. Аннина, Е. Л. Литвинова, Е. В. Прокофьева, Т. В. Умнова,

Здесь другие издания автора: С. А. Аннина, Е. Л. Литвинова, Е. В. Прокофьева, Т. В. Умнова

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Книга "100 великих чудес света" рассказывает о великих архитектурных памятниках прошлых эпох, о самоотверженном труде историков, археологов, которые сделали все, чтобы эти шедевры не были преданы забвению.Здесь собраны сведения о необыкновенных архитектурных сооружениях, самых древних архитектурных

Автор: Н. А. Ионина,

Здесь другие издания автора: Н. А. Ионина

В книге, снабженной более чем 250 цветных иллюстраций, рассматриваются множество тем, связанных с архитектурой, от конструктивно-строительных элементов, таких, как например, арка, камин, лестница, стена, ордер, архитектурно-пространственных форм, как, например, римская базилика, архитектурных стилей

Автор: Фил Хирн,

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, the classically trained architects of John Malick and Associates draw from numerous historical styles, including English Arts and Crafts, Mediterranean, and Georgian Colonial. Each project reflects the spirit of a unique time and place, while also a

The trendsetting architect Rem Koolhaas has carried it out to perfection, whereas the next generation of international stars refined it even more, giving us the unconventional presentation of designs and ideas in the form of diagrams. This method of presentation is easy to understand when dealing wi

Architectural photography is a very specific challenge and involves a very special approach to architecture. This book in the Construction and Design Manual series gives a wellgrounded introduction to the necessary skills, techniques, and equipment while at the same time illustrating that

The rendering is the most potent means of communicating an architectural design. It provides a complete image of a building in its planned setting. Unlike a physical or computer model, an elevation or plan, it speaks in a direct and accessible visual language that will enable any viewer to immediate

From ancient and classical masterpieces to contemporary, cutting-edge buildings, architecture has defined our world throughout history. Drawing its examples from all around the globe, Architecture: The Whole Story is a richly illustrated and comprehensive account of the architects, plans, designs an

The prominent architect Felix Novikov was born in 1927, when the famous Constructivist Konstantin Melnikov was at the peak of his career. Novikov tells the dramatic story of Soviet architecture, portraying the conditions he worked in and how he collaborated with the government and other participants

The author of this book aims to encourage an awareness of sustainability as it is implemented across all areas of planning and design, and the ability to think and act on this knowledge. This book will explore in genuine depth the sustainable strategies that could be applied, along with the practica

Автор: Ulrich Pfammatter,

Здесь другие издания автора: Ulrich Pfammatter

In the summer of 1937, Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus and a professor at Harvard’s new Graduate School of Design, rented a house on Planting Island, near the base of Cape Cod. There, he and his wife, Ise, hosted a festive reunion of Bauhaus masters and students who had recently emigrated fro

Здесь другие издания с похожим названием: 'Cape Cod Modern: Midcentury Architecture and Community on the Outer Cape'

The chalet of today is a far cry from the original herdsman`s hut. Its triumphant ascent to elegant mountain mansion, frequently used as a holiday getaway by the societal elite, began in the 19th century. Its allure today is unbroken. As a place of relaxation and retreat from the day-to-day, chalets

Здесь другие издания с похожим названием: 'Chalets: Trendsetting Mountain Treasures'

Architectural competitions act as a tool for enhancing a design and selecting planning partners. The quality of urban development, high-rise buildings and open spaces is thus sustainably improved. Nevertheless, this planning and awarding tool is repeatedly scrutinised. Twenty-five international proj

The ideas of architects are usually conveyed by their buildings. Vladimir Belogolovsky takes a different approach in his new work. The New York based author gives a detailed picture of contemporary architects - through words. The publication consisting of almost 600 pages presents interviews with 30

With this edition, the New York-based author Vladimir Belogolovsky pays tribute to the title of the same name by John W. Cook and Heinrich Klotz (1973). As with the volume published more than forty years ago, famous architects offer a glimpse into their minds, which is usually conveyed in their desi

Автор: Vladimir Belogolovsky,

The prolific architectural legacy of Delhi is remarkable not only for its antiquity but also its diversity. While the period of antiquity encompass various types of Hindu, Islamic and Colonial architecture, it is modern architecture that laid the foundation of post-independent development of the cit

Diagrammatic methods are applied to strongly interacting electron systems. Several problems are studied in the atomic representation. It is assumed that electron-electron interaction in an atom is stronger that the interaction between electrons belonging to different atoms. The theory of high-temper