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100 Ways to Simplify Your Life

100 Ways to Simplify Your Life

100 Ways to Simplify Your Life

  • Вес : 501 г

  • Количество страниц : 192 

  • Год выпуска : 2008 

  • Автор на обложке : Joyce Meyer 

  • ISBN : 0446194166 

  • Язык издания : Английский 

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    Stop hating your house and start adoring it - 40 steps to make your home express who you are and work for how you really live.  Love the House You’re In is about more than creating a beautiful space; it’s about creating a home that reflects you and all that you find comforting and inspiring in your life. Deco­rating your home can be daunting and overwhelm­ing, but here’s the secret: If you want to love your house, the inspiration and ideas need to come from you. Love the House You’re In provides

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