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Если вы не знаете, как медитировать, или хотите развить способность поддерживать концентрацию, то эти несложные техники Кундалини йоги помогут вам. Кроме того, вы сможете развить у себя способность контролировать свои реакции в любой жизненной ситуации.

“The interior of a yoga studio needs to cater for the body and mind”. This phrase and the stressful lifestyles of people today were the motivation to re-use an existing warehouse building to create a yoga centre proposal, called Yoga Life, which would allow visitors to explore a holistic approach t

The aims of the study were:To prepare the Yoga Mudra Programme,to construct standardized Attention Inventory(AI) and to compare the score on AI before/after Yoga Mudra Programme in Experimental (E) group and Control(C) group of Secondary School boys/girls.The students studying in Gujarati medium sec

Body Sculpting with Yoga is an innovative program that combines unique body-weight and resistance training exercises with nutritional guidelines, warm-up routines, and motivated guidance to empower women to achieve defined arms and shoulders, lean sexy abs, and a strong, sculpted body.

PERCEPTION and MONITORING of our own body, not the perfectly performed asana, is the core. These two factors are the most important for a dancer and no dancing technique can substitute them. This is where I see the biggest benefit and unsubstitutability of yoga in dancing environment. Least but not

This Book involved the some newly discovered yoga which on highly effective on diabetic person. and to improve the health. these yoga`s also important for teachers in the field of teaching.actually topic was the effect of yogic exercises on the diabetic teachers working in the secondary school of am

Эта книга - своего рода дорожная карта для кругосветного путешествия по глубинам своего Я, одинаково пригодная и в качестве учебника для начинающих, и в качестве путеводителя для опытных путешественников. Разработанная автором программа и ее принципы эффективны применительно к любой технике медита

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