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Author has completed his Master of Technology in Software Engineering, Master of Business Administration in Human Resource, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Engineering, Bachelor of Computer Application and Diploma in Cyber Laws. He has worked as Project Manager with EFI, New Delhi and

Программа "ОКБМИКС" предназначена для расчета теплогидравлических граничных условий в элементах первого контура реакторных установок в аварийных режимах работы с подачей воды из системы аварийного охлаждения активной зоны. Результаты расчетов по программе используются для проведения расчетов темпера

В монографии раскрыта информационная технология автоматизированного получения общих и частных аналитических математических моделей многомерных объектов по экспериментальным или статистическим данным об объекте, образующих базу данных. Технология основана на топологической обработке экспериментально

В учебном пособии представлены упражнения, призванные помочь начинающим разработчикам пользовательских интерфейсов развить свои практические навыки по проектированию удобных интерфейсов. Представленные упражнения охватывают широкий круг вопросов: от разработки внешнего вида интерфейса и юзабилити-те

Computer vision needs suitable methods of shape representation and contour reconstruction. One of them, invented by the author and called method of Hurwitz-Radon Matrices (MHR), can be used in representation and reconstruction of shapes of the objects in the plane. Proposed method is based on a fami

To study applicability of the MIKE 21C, a river reach of the Brahmaputra River near Palashbari, which is suffering due to devastating bank erosion, has been selected. Preliminary observation, imaginary based study, model simulation has been carried out. The model study has also been performed using

This book describes a curvature-based corner detector that detects both fine and coarse features accurately at low computational cost. First, it extracts contours from a Canny edge map. Second, it computes the absolute value of curvature of each point on a contour at a low scale and regards local ma

The multiple view geometry in computer vision includes 3-D image and 3-D video processing techniques have received increasing interest due to the availability of high-end capturing, processing and rendering devices. Computer vision can define as a set of computational techniques aimed at estimating

The theme of this book was to discuss the theory of 3D scanning, focus on the flowchart of using 3D NextEngine Desktop Scanner hardware and software as well as the 3D game character exporting and importing in both 3dsMax and CryENGINE2 Sandbox2. The purpose was to scan models made of modeling paste

This work is about biometric 3D face recognition. General biometric systems as well as specific techniques used in 2D and 3D face recognition are described. An automatic modular 3D face recognition method is proposed. First, facial landmarks are located on the face surface and the three dimensional

A face recognition system that solves the problem of changes in facial expression and mimics in 3D range images. So here, we propose a local variation detection and restoration method based eigenfaces using the principal component analysis (PCA). The depth map of a 3D facial image is first smoothed

3D maps in mobile devices for navigation aid have been created to overcome the weaknesses of conventional 2D maps which require users to interpret its various symbols and legends. Now it has become possible to render large and detailed 3D map of cities in mobile devices at interactive rates. Mobile

High energy impacts at joint locations often generate highly fragmented, or comminuted, bone fractures. A leading current approach for treatment requires physicians qualitatively to classify the fracture to one of four possible fracture severity cases. It has been observed that qualitative evaluatio

3D modelling & visualization is a concern focus in the 3D GIS research field recently. The prime objective of any geosciences organization or geologist is to investigate & characterize the Earth’s sub-surface in 3D. Along with the surface development, subsurface geological structure is paid more & m

There are many different solar activities that may highly and unexpectedly impact our daily life. It is believed that the solar magnetic dynamic activity is almost the main driver of these activities. Establishing a novel, fully-automated, 3-D geometrical-based visualization system to help researche

Целью работы является разработка перспективного подхода организации параллельных вычислений на GPU. В результате разработки создан программный продукт, позволяющий визуализировать сложные физические эффекты в 3D-пространстве, которые иллюстрированы примером задачи N тел. Пример показывает эффективно

In the last decade we all have witnessed a tremendous growth in IT & Communication industry. As the availability of Mobile has increased, so has the challenges to meet the ever increasing expectations. With the advent of next generation 5G mobile technologies the world would not be the same again. 5

Today computer science has revolutionized our world and computers have become vital component of our life.It made easy for us to analyze and diagnose the medical problems and diseases.The use of Artificial Intelligence in medicine and medical sciences are on high demand.CDSS are computer application

Program understanding is very important for software changes in maintenance phase. The changes of software’s source code might be affecting to other part of code. These situations make the developer spent more time to find the affected line in entire code. In this book, writer is approaching Change

Many academic libraries attempt to source their collections from all the publications available. However, librarians may fail in this attempt because of some economic factors that prevent them from building a comprehensive collection of materials. The increasing price of periodicals and books and th