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Безопасность серверов, сетей и информации

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It is obvious that service oriented architecture concept or SOA have been accepted in most of the firms and companies globally but the issues related to security assurance as well as its requirements still remain one of the major problems that this type of architecture should cope with. Also the con

This research proposes a framework for adaptive information security systems that considers both the technical and social aspects of information systems security. To approach this systemic insecurity problem the research was divided into mini studies that were based on the Systemic-Holistic paradigm

Cooperation enforcement schemes, such as reputation and trust based schemes have been proposed to counteract the issue of selfishness in fully self-organized MANETs. The sole purpose of these schemes is to ensure selfish nodes bear the consequences of their bad actions. However, malicious nodes can

Currently, the securing of SOA-based applications is still a challenge. Although some related techniques have been proposed and presented in academia and industry, it is still difficult to check SOA quality in security aspect from an architecture view. In this thesis project, a method for securi

Now a days security is the main concern. Quantum Cryptography is the technique that uses polarization for data transmission. The work here describes a mechanism that enhances the data security during transmission. In this mechanism BB84 protocol is used as the base. This protocol is used at two leve

The book describes the information security consequences if that is not compromised. It explores the file system design approaches or methodologies. It lightens the taxonomy of file system evaluation frameworks and elaborates the designs issues tracing file systems. The types of storage systems and

Wireless sensor networks have great potential to be employed in mission critical situations like battlefields but also in more everyday security and commercial applications such as building and traffic surveillance, habitat monitoring and smart homes. However, wireless sensor networks pose unique se

Today information is considered as an asset just like capital either it is related to a personal or corporate. Global sharing and information losses enforce organizations to think about their information security management. Increasing security needs of military industry, defense associated organiza

ICT security has been one of the major causes of problems in the world in that billions of dollars are lost every year because of cyber terrorism that has become a way to destroy the world in just a few seconds, nevertheless Universities are not exceptional to this kind of terrorism, that’s why they

Internet security is a complex and challenging problem. Malicious actors and their associated attack technologies have advanced significantly. Moreover, Internet-enabled platforms such as cyber-physical infrastructures, the mobile Internet, cloud computing, the Internet-of-Things, vehicular networks

Advance Encryption Algorithm is widely used cipher. Making the AES more secure is very crucial task in this network environment. We have proposed enhancement in AES by using two S- Box alternatively. We investigated different parameter in which we can focus to increase the security of AES. This alg

The security vulnerabilities hidden in software programs pose a major threat, on the computers and networks, when appropriately exploited by a malicious user. The vulnerabilities arise primarily due to the coding errors and/or flaws in the underlying platform. The book researches on the well-known c

Cloud based E-Learning is one of the booming technologies in IT field which brings powerful e-learning products with the help of cloud power. Cloud technology has numerous advantages over the existing traditional E-Learning systems. But at the same time, security is a major concern in cloud based e-

The concept of cloud computing creates new challenges for security, because sensitive data may no longer reside on dedicated hardware. How can enterprises protect their most sensitive data in the rapidly-evolving world of shared computing resources? In this work,I have fuond vulnerabilities in the c

Cyber Attacks are reportedly being conducted world-wide on a daily basis targeting individuals, corporations and countries alike. The motive and reasoning behind these attacks are normally categorized as monetary gain, politically motivated or just for kidding and enhance credibility amongst peer gr

As the Android operating system continues to increase its share of the smartphone market, smartphone hacking remains a growing threat. Written by experts who rank among the world?s foremost Android security researchers, this book presents vulnerability discovery, analysis, and exploitation tools for

The essence of security controls in every computerized accounting system is to prevent, detect and correct unlawful events or error with the potential to impart negatively on information generated from computerized accounting information systems (CAIS). This book therefore discussed those preventive

An automated Intrusion Prevention Mechanism (AIPM) which comprises the functionalities of IDS, IPS, and auto configuring network devices is proposed to enhance network security. AIPM is a mechanism that includes automated intrusion prevention function and automated analysis of intrusion messages fun

Identification and authentication requirement are steadily increasing in both the online and offline worlds. The biometric is increasingly viewed as the ultimate form of authentication or identification, supplying the third and final element of proof of identity. Accordingly, it is being rolled ou

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Bluetooth wireless technology has become an essential part of our modern society. Mobile phones, game controllers, Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs), computers and various electronic gadgets have adapted Bluetooth and made it a popular technology for short range wireless communication. However, as t