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Considering an Internet romance? Let Calvin and Lisa Wulf show you how to grow your on-line relationship into a life long commitment. "107 Practical Secrets to Achieve Lasting Love On-Line" is packed with dynamic tips taken from their own Internet romance. Each down-to-earth, hands-on suggestion

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AARP Facebook: Tech to Connect provides a strong mix of how-to information on the most used Facebook features along with insight from other over-50 users on how the site improved their lives and well-being. Topics include: Signing up for a profile Finding and adding friends Crea

This updated and revised authoritative guide is essential to finding business resources and opportunities available in cyberspace. Written by a practicing СPA, this key reference arrives hilly modernized to accommodate the rapid changes in the environment of the Internet. Based on the author`s exha

Revision with unchanged content. This book investigates several research problems which arise in modern Web Information Retrieval. First of all we consider the fact that there are many situations where a flat list of ten search results are not enough, and that the users might desire to have a larger

The most comprehensive text in Consumer Health, this edition continues to provide a vast amount of information to enable consumers to choose health products and services intelligently. New texts now come packaged with Health and Human Performance PowerWeb!

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The most comprehensive guide to using Facebook Whether you`re new to Facebook, a developer exploring apps, or a marketer interested in using Facebook for social media campaigns, this book has content you can use. Seven minibooks thoroughly cover the essentials, from how to get started with Faceboo

BUILD FACEBOOK APPS THE FUN AND EASY DUMMIES WAY! The book assumes only basic HTML and scripting knowledge, and will serve as the perfect beginner-level reference to getting up and running building Facebook applications.   What the book covers: Facebook Application Development For Dummies is a be

Sign up, build your Profile, and find friends!   Join the Facebook fun! These experts show you how to set up your Profile, protect your privacy, find friends and family members, join and create Groups and plan your next big Event. Heres just what you need for a safe and happy Facebook Experience

Google AdWords lets you create ads that appear beside search results specifically related to your business - and you can set your own budget. Here`s how to use AdWords and get the most from the newest tools, including the exciting Website Optimizer. And along with all this great advice, you get a gi

Revision with unchanged content. This book is based on a doctoral dissertation in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies that addresses the gaps of access and quality in higher edu­cation between high-income countries and low-to-middle income coun­tries, and the role that Internet and computer te