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When it comes to independent film, William Stewart is arguably one of the best documentary producers in the industry, but he`s not the most business savvy when dealing with his corporate earnings or as a participant in the life he shares with the family he loves dearly, his wife and college sweethea

In 2009, Canadian social activist Muriel Duckworth died at the age of 101. In the weeks that followed, memorial services were held in Austin, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, and Vancouver as people from across Canada recognized that her passing marked the end of an era. This book celebra

Constancia de la Mora`s fame seemed guaranteed by the compelling story of her life. She had been an aristocrat turned Communist, a celebrated author, and an international political figure whose acquaintances and collaborators included Stalin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, Tina Modotti, Vittor

This exquisite edition of Sandburg`s classic is now in paper! Beautifully abridged and illustrated with more than 250 photos, it gives readers an intimate glimpse into Lincoln`s journey from country lawyer to beloved president. You`ll see his handwritten copy of the Gettysburg address, the gun that

Alfred Schmela (* 23. November 1918 in Dinslaken; a?  20. Juli 1980 in DA?sseldorf) war ein deutscher KA?nstler und Galerist. Alfred Schmela kam mit seinen Eltern zur Zeit der Weimarer Republik 1923 nach DA?sseldorf. 1940 machte er zunA¤chst ein Examen als Hochbauingenieur in KA¶ln (damalige a??Staa

Alfred Schneider, auch bekannt als KapitA¤n Schneider oder Herr der 100 LA¶wen (* 23. Juni 1876 in Neuselerhausen; a?  23. Dezember 1941 in Dahlewitz), war ein deutscher LA¶wendompteur. Schneider war von Beruf Bauingenieur, trat zunA¤chst als Radsportartist auf, entschied sich dann jedoch fA?r die

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Alice Neel (* 28. Januar 1900 in Merion Square, Pennsylvania; a?  13. Oktober 1984 in New York) ist eine US-amerikanische Malerin. Neels Werke sind in allen wichtigen ameri

In Assassin`s Time out of Time, the sixth sequel to the Book in the Loft series, time travel once again becomes reality for Neil MacBruce and the crew of the starship Explorer, and they experience firsthand what no one understands. An action that took place in the future is about to be undone by an

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A baby born in a dark dirty place wakes up: shivering, alone, abandon. It cries its first cries from a dirt hole in the pitch black. It does not know its mother`s love will come back for it. . . . even from The 1950`s have a reputation for being happy days but for eight boys morning the death of

Meet four female best friends:Sequoia Birmingham-Wallace, Zikhya Palmer,Menijah Jones,and Raleigh McDowell. These girls were like sisters and didn`t dare let anything or anyone come in between them. Sequoia`s husband,Morton Wallace a.k.a. Mo-T in the streets dissaprove of his wife`s choice of friend

In the dead of night, a covered wagon driven by a hooded, faceless being is careering through the forest at breakneck speed. Inside the wagon, sit two jittery Goblin men: Grot and Mouldy. Suddenly, the contents of the sack they are staring at begin to glow...Consumed by the desire for revenge, th

Helen the Hedgehog just wants to have fun with her friend Frog. Together they discover that we all have things we are good at.

Sedate her and section her, and make it quick. Lauren, I`m afraid you don`t have any children... Lauren Miller, a 28-year old single mother of three, watches her world crumble around her after witnessing her six-year old daughter walk past her in the mall, holding the hand of a strange, intim

This fourth sequel to the Book in the Loft addresses the many questions of time travel?whether one can travel to the past or the future without becoming entangled in paradoxes. Neil and Elena MacBruce and the crew of Explorer, along with Surion Captain Torn, find themselves in a predicament that for

If you have ever wondered what daily life is like for a deployed U.S. service member, Chronicles of an Airman: Discovering Purpose 6,500 Miles from Home is the book for you. Chronicles of an Airman takes you on an unprecedented, exciting journey of professional, personal, and spiritual growth. You