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Venus: If mankind cannot travel to the planet, bring the planet to mankind

Venus: If mankind cannot travel to the planet, bring the planet to mankind

A hundred years from now, Earth has become a world that has degenerated into a stark division between those who have financial wealth and security and those living in desperate poverty within wasteland settlements due to overpopulation and financial iniquity. George Armstrong, multi billionaire head of a Space Station re-supply company, starts a project to address these acute problems by bringing a planet close to Earth`s orbit and then colonizing it. He embarks on a literally epic earth-moving plan to re-engineer a planet within our solar system and to physically re-locate it to a new orbit close to Earth by deliberately striking it with asteroids. Then to alter the hostile environment so that it can sustain life and be survivable for mankind. Apart from more real estate, a new habitable planet also presents a unique opportunity to create a new and fairer world order. The planet selected for relocation is Venus.

  • Вес : 340 г

  • Год выпуска : 2011 

  • Автор на обложке : John Martin Dunn 

  • ISBN : 1453724567 

  • Язык издания : Английский 

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